It seems like a pattern one has to use, but I’d rather skip the post about Covid and the unprecedented times we’re living in. Can I?

Pandemic happened, okay, and my opinion about it is nothing different from the other 12387612037203289136821761287 you likely heard in the last 6 months.

So, yep we are not traveling much, a lot of people suffered, most of the governments have assholes as presidents. Capitalism kills.

Updates on my personal life are that I asked back in February to work from home for 6 months because I wanted to go to Greece. I got rejected.

Two weeks later, covid stroke, everybody home and guess what, I am in Greece until December.

I had the best summer ever, swam every day. I kind of developed an impostor syndrome because recently life seems to be smiling at me. 🤷 Hope I won’t die tomorrow to compensate.

Right now I am in Athens, but so far this summer I have been to:

  • Crete (it was my second time there and I stayed 3 weeks)
  • Gavdos
  • Finoikounta
  • Elaia – Monemvasia
  • Donousa
  • Koufonisia

So, a lot of Greek adventures and more to come. Are you excited??

I am.