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Can I skip the usual blog post about Covid?

It seems like a pattern one has to use, but I’d rather skip the post about Covid and the unprecedented times we’re living in. Can I? Pandemic happened, okay, and my opinion about it is nothing different from the other 12387612037203289136821761287 you… Continue Reading →

What do I pack for a long trip?

Every wannabe longterm traveler has to face this topic. What do I pack for my X months trip? It’s usually a question of the first trips, because then you get used to it. Also, if you stay more than a… Continue Reading →

Miami, Wynwood Walls and the beginning of our trip

We landed in Miami exactly 8 days ago, so it’s about time to make a summary of our first days in the American continent. Florida has been…hot. As we got to Miami it felt like we were in a oven!… Continue Reading →

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