Travelling - Iceland - Geyser

If you are obsessed with travelling, languages and wildlife you have landed to the right place.

With Vobonia in the world I will show you that travelling is sometimes expensive, destabilizing and rather tiresome, but still the best thing that can ever happen to you. I will show you the sweat in hot countries, the struggle with language barriers, the sickness of neverending journeys and the reasons why all of this was ultimately worth it.

First time I decided to travel (solo) I wasn’t in panic as many other travellers. I couldn’t imagine anything different for me so I knew I was making the right choice.

I was never a super hero: until my 20th birthday I could not speak any foreign language and I had rarely left my neighborhood. I was curious but had no resources, tools and confidence to improve my condition.

Living in the suburbs of Naples, Italy, I would struggle even to reach the city center. If I had no transportation to go anywhere, how would I even think of seeing the world?

I was obsessed with animals, but the most extreme wildlife I had seen was my fluffy chubby cat.

I started thinking that that was all. I would constantly have a feeling of inadequacy and a tendency to self-pity.

So I got to the point I had two choices: staying in the same conditions forever or finally getting myself the life I liked.

I chose the second, obviously, and started building something out of the pile of shit I was floating in for years.

Only 8 years later, I have seen quite a lot of places, I got tons of wildlife experiences and, above all, I can communicate in quite a few languages 🙂

And the best news of all this is that it’s only the beginning!