Let’s talk about Japan

Recently, as I was in Naples leafing through my Japanese books, I remembered the sparkle of curiosity I had when back in my teenage years I was reading Japanese literature, back when all of Japan was so fascinating. Unlike many… Continue reading →

My favourite city will always be Lisbon

The original title of this post was meant to be “The best city in the world: Lisbon”, but as I realized someone could have different opinions I changed it. I have a hard time thinking how someone that has been… Continue reading →

In love with Cabo Verde 

Cape Verde was a trip we had planned and booked for April 2020, but obviously, it got canceled for force majeure. We were given only a flight credit from Tap (which by the way will never see me again) and patiently… Continue reading →

Cerdanya: the best winter destination in Catalunya

This February I spent most of my days in the mountains. It’s funny how I wasn’t really a mountain person before (just because I knew nothing about it) and since I was mountain-baptized a few years ago here in the… Continue reading →

I did not keep you posted

At the end of my last post, I said I will keep you posted. I did not. The reason is that I was too busy enjoying my summer to use my computer longer than the time needed for work. You… Continue reading →

Welcome summer

Lately, I have had the privilege of finally finding a job that is forever remote. This allows me to work wherever I want and in addition to that, it does not pay 3 peanuts and a kick in the ass as most of… Continue reading →

The cats of Donousa

In my pretentious mission of visiting all Greek islands, I got to know Donousa this year. A little less than 7 hours away by ferry from Athens, you will find this little island that has, basically, all you need in… Continue reading →

Digital nomads phenomenon and its consequences on gentrification

As I am here eating my daily Nutella I am feeling inspired to rant on the evergreen debate about Digital nomads and its consequences on gentrification. Gentrification is a keyword that was ranking at the top in these last years (now replaced… Continue reading →

Can I skip the usual blog post about Covid?

It seems like a pattern one has to use, but I’d rather skip the post about Covid and the unprecedented times we’re living in. Can I? Pandemic happened, okay, and my opinion about it is nothing different from the other 12387612037203289136821761287 you… Continue reading →

How to fail in language learning: one story

12 years ago, I had just finished high school and I decided I wanted to study languages. I always had a thing for languages, even if I had not studied one yet. “Let’s pick the most difficult ones!” I challenged myself when… Continue reading →

All about New Zealand (part two)

The first 2 hours I had spent in New Zealand had already made my 30 hours flying worth it. When I woke up on the fourth day, knowing I had a week more just made me happier. I jumped again… Continue reading →

All about New Zealand

When I got to New Zealand, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It took me a whopping 30 hours altogether (luckily I had spent 1 day in Singapur, and 4 in Sydney meanwhile) to finally get to Christchurch, the largest city of… Continue reading →

Altitude Sickness, I hate you

I had read a lot about altitude sickness. I knew it would make me slower, that I would need to take it easy. I had carefully checked the altitude of all the cities I was going to visit and I… Continue reading →

Looking for sloths: where to find the slowest animals

Sloths are funny. They are known to be incredibly slow and to live upside down on trees, hanging upside down only by their massive claws. There are two families: two-toed sloths (that have two digits) and three-toed sloths (that have three digits). All of them have three toes. Why are sloths so slow? They have a very low metabolism and also very low-temperature rates. So they move only when necessary and very slowly, at a speed of 4 meters… Continue reading →

Where to go in South America?

South America is huge. You would probably need months to visit a tiny part of it. This title is vague and slightly unsophisticated, but it answers the question I heard the most when I came back from my big trip in… Continue reading →

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