I know we have only been to the Caribbean part so far.

We have almost a month ahead of Colombia travelling.

But everything has been so lovely since the first second here I hardly think it can get of any bad.

Cartagena was incredibly pretty. It’s colourful and lively at any time.


Getsemani neighborhood

The people we talked to were nice and happy, and the music is on everywhere. I wish I knew how to dance salsa! Too bad I have the coordination of a crab.

One day we went to playa blanca and then to snorkel in the islands of Rosario. I saw the most beautiful fishes ever. (And I forgot my gopro for the day, smart one)

The food was also better than anywhere else in this trip (and cheap finally).

Colombia lovely

Panos being unsure on which sweets to choose

We were quite concerned about safety at the beginning. But everything is feeling pretty safe so far.

Some friends told us not to take any taxi from the street but to use exclusively Tappsi and Uber. So when we got yesterday to Santa Marta’s bus station we checked right away our mobiles to call a cab. As we found both taxi apps were not working in this city we looked each other with a feeling of discomfort saying “okay so we need to catch a taxi from the street”. As we waived our hand a taxi stopped right away and brought us quickly to our place for 1 euro. No kidnapping, no robberies, not even an attempt to rip us off!


Anyway, the most exciting part of the trip is scheduled for tomorrow. We are going to the Ciudad Perdida!

It’s going to be hard. 4 days of intense hiking in the thoughness of humidity and neverending mosquitos. No mobiles, no internet and we are going to sleep in hammocks!

I can’t imagine how sweaty and tired we will be if we make it until the end.

Getsemani cartagena


If I don’t make it I checked which possibilities I have:

  • Stay there with the indigenous forever
  • Die on the back of a donkey that some tour company will bring a few days later
  • Ask our guide to call an helicopter and sell Panos meanwhile to be able to pay for it

I hope I won’t need any of this!