If you were wondering what I was up to, where did my amazing posts go, in which side of the world I was, I’ll tell you: I was here in Barcelona.

Besides a weekend in Siurana and a week in Ibiza, I was mainly here working. The good news is that it won’t happen again!

What to do this summer? Quit my job and travel the world!

Hard life in Barcelona

I only have one week left an then I will be free forever from my full time job (at Booking.com, if you don’t know me). I worked very hard for 4 years and I finally quit in order to travel all the time until I will be poor and crawl again to Booking.com begging for a job.

But this does not matter now.

From mid July I will fly to my beloved Lisbon, for a few days, then to my more or less beloved Naples, for a couple of weeks, and then to my sunny Greece, for a month, that I will spent eating gyros and diving no stop.

What to do this summer? Quit my job and travel the world!

After these well deserved holidays, with my travel and life companion mr. Panagiotis also called The Bear, we’ll fly to Miami, then Costa Rica and then we will head south, crossing 6 countries and finally getting to Foz do Iguazù, Brazil, where we will fly back home just on time for Christmas.

It sounds like a great plan!

I had been dreaming of doing this trip for around 70 years and we are finally getting there. 1 year leave from work: check. Sublet our house for 6 months: check. Flights booking: check. Vaccinations: check. What else do we need?

In the next months I will utterly annoy you with my trip in details. As I got already many questions from my friends and acquaintances I was thinking of pretending I am actually an interesting person and preparing some faq to post soon. If you have any question, just post it in the comments and I will pick it up in my next post.

Quit my job and travel the world

Something else I want to share with you: creating this blog was definitely a great idea!

Since I started, I have been asked to collaborate with a few blogs and online magazines. There is actually someone out there who wants to PAY ME to write this stuff.

I did not have to beg for a job, I did not have to dress up like a clown (see: formal outfit) to go to a interview and show fake motivation for something boring. I have been contacted, instead, by a couple of people that want me to write travel stuff for their blogs. With an actual pay for it.

I thought it was a prank in the first half of the call.

Then I realized I am being lucky! With a little bit of effort though.

If I did not create this blog, I wouldn’t even know there is an actual market for travel blogging.

Quit my job and Travel the world

Today is 23 June, San Juan and here in Spain there is a big celebration for the shortest night of the year.

Among the thousand of fireworks and the 10billion time I listen to “Despacito” from the neighbours’ terrace, I wish you a nice and smooth beginning of summer!