At the end of my last post, I said I will keep you posted. I did not.

The reason is that I was too busy enjoying my summer to use my computer longer than the time needed for work. You only live once, and this is also the reason why this blog is not successful. I keep making promises to myself that I don’t fulfil because I am always too busy just being on holiday or out drinking or eating sushi or petting cats or only living once.


I have been to a number of new islands (plus some old islands) and I reconfirm for the 6th year in a row my endless and unconditional love for the Cyclades. That feeling of being happy just because you are in the place you love, even if you don’t do anything – felt this way before only for Lisbon.

That is why I am kind of considering buying a house in the Cyclades and staying also in winter. Since I will never be able to afford a house in Barcelona, this may actually become an option for the future.

Sometimes I even think I do not need big cities anymore as long as I have a wonderful view. My only concern while living on a small island would only be missing friends. (also convincing Panos to move there but oh well)

On this note, I do not think I will ever get out of the eternal debate of where should I live, where do I settle, where is my place, etc. I was waiting to get older and receive this sudden enlightenment about my perfect location, or just getting tired enough to take a decision.

To this day, with wrinkles and white hair adding up, I have to say my lifestyle did not change a tiny bit. I am even more eager to do stuff than when I was younger and I feel (and I am) much stronger now. So I’ll probably just embrace the idea that this will never change and there is no need to actually change something as at the end of the day everyone can do what the fuck they want in their life and that’s the beauty of it.