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Cerdanya: the best winter destination in Catalunya

This February I spent most of my days in the mountains. It’s funny how I wasn’t really a mountain person before (just because I knew nothing about it) and since I was mountain-baptized a few years ago here in the… Continue Reading →

5 things I love (and hate) about Barcelona

This week I am celebrating my 4th year in Barcelona. I came here by coincidence and at the beginning I didn’t really like it, but little by little I got used to its building and its habits. Now I am not sure… Continue Reading →

Donkey trekking in Catalonia: All you need to know

A donkey trekking isn’t exactly the birthday gift of every girl’s dreams but for me it was just the perfect gift. When I glimpsed the “Burrotrek” sign (burro is the Spanish for “donkey”) on Panos’ present, the excitement brought a twinkle to my eyes!… Continue Reading →

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