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Miami, Wynwood Walls and the beginning of our trip

We landed in Miami exactly 8 days ago, so it’s about time to make a summary of our first days in the American continent. Florida has been…hot. As we got to Miami it felt like we were in a oven!… Continue reading →

How to arrange a good safari in Africa without going broke

If you are a wildlife lover, at some point in your life you MUST go to Africa. As a paws’ pictures collector and an elephant dreamer I even waited too long to go, but I had a reason: going to Africa (except countries like Morocco or Egypt) is somewhat complicated and rather expensive. If you want to go on a Safari,… Continue reading →

A cool place I have seen: San Pedro de Atacama

Before going to Chile, I had never heard of San Pedro de Atacama. Even though the Chilean desert is quite famous in that side of the world, I did not know anything about it. The thing is that one day… Continue reading →

What to do this summer? Quit my job and travel the world!

If you were wondering what I was up to, where did my amazing posts go, in which side of the world I was, I’ll tell you: I was here in Barcelona. Besides a weekend in Siurana and a week in Ibiza,… Continue reading →

Crete: how to move around doing free camping

Crete island is heaven in the Mediterranean sea. It’s wild, it’s genuine, it’s wonderful. While preparing this post I was wondering whether it would be appropriate to share my first-hand experience in the island and reveal valuable info about its hidden… Continue reading →

The time I crossed the Cambodian border walking

A couple of years ago I was on holiday in Thailand when I decided to visit Cambodia. Angkor Wat had been on my to-see list for a while. Then a girl I met in Chiang Mai gave me this heart… Continue reading →

Carrilet Route: a cycling greenway from Olot to Girona

Carrilet Route might be the best cycling itinerary I have made since I live in Catalonia. There are many cycling options, as the whole area that goes from Barcelona up to Ripolles or Garrotxa offers several possible paths. Many of them are… Continue reading →

5 things I love (and hate) about Barcelona

This week I am celebrating my 4th year in Barcelona. I came here by coincidence and at the beginning I didn’t really like it, but little by little I got used to its building and its habits. Now I am not sure… Continue reading →

Inner Mongolia: grassland and desert in the latest part of China

If travelling to China may seem bizarre, going to Inner Mongolia, the region of China at the border with the actual Mongolia, will definitely look crazy. Yet when I was studying at Beijing University it seemed like a pretty normal… Continue reading →

Donkey trekking in Catalonia: All you need to know

A donkey trekking isn’t exactly the birthday gift of every girl’s dreams but for me it was just the perfect gift. When I glimpsed the “Burrotrek” sign (burro is the Spanish for “donkey”) on Panos’ present, the excitement brought a twinkle to my eyes!… Continue reading →

7 Things they won’t tell you when you start studying languages

Studying languages sounds exciting. When you start you see already these doors opening to an enchanting new culture that will longingly welcome you in a world made of bilingual dreams and local friends. A short-term effort that will lead to long-lasting satisfactions. An ideal… Continue reading →

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